During the boot process of File-System based software versions, a warning message appears on Application Switch 1 platforms




When booting, Application Switch 1 is prints the following warning message on the serial port: WARNING: FAT16 indicated by BPB FSTYPE string, cluster calculation was FAT12. Honoring string.


The printed warning message has no impact on the AppDirector software functionality and is originated by VxWorks operating system.

AppDirector uses file-system based software architecture. In order to support this architecture, the device media (internal FLASH memory) need to be formatted in FAT structure. The media used in Radware devices is small (8MB-16MB on the FLASH memory).

The warning message means that according to the MS-DOS DOSFS standard, for this small sized media FAT12 should be used, while VxWorks selected to format it as FAT16.

As this is not compatible with MS-DOS the warning is printed.
The reason the warning message can’t impact the application is because the FLASH memory can’t be used with or plugged into a MS-DOS based system.
Unfortunately, this message can not be removed as it is originated by VxWorks.

This article applies only to Application Switch 1 platforms running file system software version.